Prepping Made Easy!

During week eight of our first study of Beautiful in God’s we talked about one of the characteristics of this Proverbs 31 woman was that she got up early to prepare for the day. That week we went over Proverbs 31:15:

‘She rises also while it is yet night, and gives food to her household and work to her maids.’ 

Having the husband that I do, my mind


instantly went to Baseball and how the players prepare for the games hours, days, months, years ahead of time. Those players didn’t wake up one day and say ‘you know, I feel like being a professional baseball player today.’ Maybe in the past some of the Cubs players did look that way during some games but believe it or not they too spent years practicing and preparing for what they do today. Don’t tell my husband I just ripped on the Cubs either!

Anyway getting back to it… So I have spent my fair share of time teeming over the many Pins on Pinterest looking for ways that will make life easier by being prepared during the day for healthy eating. Sometimes they come out like this…fail6

But I did finally find something that can help with the prep and also pretty hard to mess up! I think everybody has those mason jars now with all of those things you can do with them. I have made the salads and brought them to work thinking that makes it easy! Just mix it all up in the jar and presto! a nice healthy salad. What they fail to mention is that you either need to bring a plate to put the salad on or an extra long fork. Yeah, the salad stayed fresh but still more dishes at work than I wanted. So here is what I found works and is easy without the need for extra dishes at work.

Step One: Get your mason jar and fill ‘er full of apples or a mix of veggies. With apples I put a little lemon juice in to help them from turning that nasty brown color.


Step Two: Either save up some applesauce containers or grab the ones that are left over that have been sitting in the back of your fridge for about 6 months like me and empty those babies out! The expiration date says they still have about 2 months left but I’m a bit scared to test that date out so I dumped mine in the trash and cleaned out the cup!


Step Three: Scoop some yummy dip into the cup and place in the mason jar on top. This is Nutella and it goes really well with Apples!


Step Four: Close the lid and stockpile them in the fridge for a quick, grab and go snack!

Viola! You have done some healthy prepping for the week!







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