Week One

Well here we go… again. A new journey that looks like a climb mt-everest-tourism-171676392up Mount Everest. I don’t know about you but when things get tough, I want to quit. When things get chaotic, my instinct reaction is to run away and drop everything. I don’t like struggle. I don’t like difficulties. I don’t like uncomfortable. As much as I hate to admit it, I have quit too. I have let the distaste I have for struggle, difficulties, and being uncomfortable  push me to quit on activities, people, and myself. It is time that I quit quitting and that is what made me chose this book. What better to help me stop quitting than to do a study on it!

I am so excited to be studying this amazing Proverbs 31 woman, Ruth, deeper. From our last study it was amazing to see how she portrayed our P31 woman and to see how her strength and everything she did hinged on God and what He sees as beautiful (see our study of Elizabeth George’s book, Beautiful in God’s Eyes).

Through this study our challenge is first, to not quit! Each week we will start with a video (see below for week one) to watch and then you will have short daily assignments in the book. The book is broken out in weeks and days to help keep up with the work. Throughout the week will be questions I encourage you to respond to on our Facebook page. Then, at the end of each week in our book will be a new posting on our website discussing the previous lesson and will have the introductory video for the next week.

Our second challenge is to memorize the verse of the week from our weekly videos by Nicki Koziarz. Memorizing scripture to help during those ‘I want to quit!’ times is going to be one of the best weapons in your arsenal.

I hope to hear from each of you during this study and can’t wait to reach the other side and be able to look back and see how much we’ve grown.

Week One Memory Verse:

“Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much,’


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