Week Nineteen

She opens her mouth with wisdom, and on her tongue is the law of kindess.

women speaker

Well this was one of those lessons that hit hard. I have yet to master the skill of holding my tongue. I have, far too many times, allowed words to spew out of mouth and rather than speaking in kindness and wisdom I spoke in anger and ugliness. One of the statements that took hold of me from this chapter in our book was from the very first section:

But now, dear one, as we approach another virtue of beauty – indeed a crowing glory! – we must once again count the cost of our journey. This virtue just may be the one that truely separates the women from the girls in God’s army. I warn you , it’s probably the hardest to achieve! I’m talking about controlling the quality of the words that come from our mouth.

So we have spent 18 weeks perfecting our skills at showing love and giving the best quality we have. Now it is time to spend time perfecting the quality of what comes out of our mouths. Our chapter mentions multiple verses of the Bible that speak on the quality of the words that should be coming from our mouth. This week I want us to focus on these verses and do a study to find more verses that relate. Focus on those verses and only speaking in wisdom and kindness. Please share the verses or verse that hit home to you in the comments.


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