Week Eighteen

Strength and dignity are her clothing; she shall rejoice in time to come.


This week we continue putting our lessons into action. The ending portion of our chapter this week says it better than I can so read this and focus on these ‘just for today’ thoughts and put them into action in your life. Take notice of the difference it makes in your week form beginning to the end of the week.

“Being able to rejoice in the future requires clothing yourself today with the garment of strength and the ornament of dignity. So here are a few ‘just for today’ thoughts.

Just for today… give your life afresh to God and proceed full-faith ahead into your beautiful day. Just for today… wholeheartedly pour out your love and care for your family and be ‘too nice’! Just for today… think about your positive contributions to the family finances. Just for today… take your physical ‘strength’ seriously and exert yourself. Just for today… eliminate the misuse of your mind and instead use that brain power God has given you to grow more beautiful in character. Just for today…reach out and encourage your best friend in her spiritual journey. Just for today… take one small step toward your ‘something professional.’ Finally, just for today… make the commitment to wake up every day of your life and repeat this pattern for beauty. Then you, too, can stand fully robed in your virtues, look down the corridor of time toward your unknown future, and rejoice!”


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