Week Sixteen

Her husband is known in the gates, when he sits amoung the elders of the land.

Jerash City Gate

I don’t know how many times I have caught myself in a husband bashing circle. Wives sitting around complaining about the new way their husband has been an annoyance. Sometimes it seems we forget that we were created as two separate beings and for two different purposes. Our opinions on things can be completely different and the way things get done are usually completely different as well. Isn’t that supposed to be the beauty of the two becoming one flesh though? Where I apex-helping-hand-610grfall short, he excels. Where he needs support, I am there to hold him up. However, what happens when the opposite traits in us each get on every last nerve you have. How do we handle that? I’m going to let the cat out of the bag on somethings about my husband and I. We have some very big traits that we are on the complete opposite end on. He is a very repetitive and scheduled person. He arrives 20 minutes early to work, eats the same things for lunch everyday, likes things to stay in one place, and has a certain time everything he does. If I were to ask the night before for him to run an errand the next day it causes some anxiety to jump up in him and he has think long and hard about how to fit this into his day. I am the complete opposite. If I tell somebody we will meet at 8am, I will get there right at 8am. If I were to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich everyday for a week, you can guarantee that I would loathe that combination for the rest of my life after that week were over. I love changing my environment and anybody that has been to my house more than once knows that what you see one month will not be what you see the next. I have had three different couches and two entertainment systems in the two years we have lived in this house. I love my job becuase each day is something new and different from the last day. Everytime I make a plan it gets thrown in the trash within 30 minutes becuase of the new things that pop up making me push others out to wait. After all of these differing 635886528513660925-1086060066_puzzle-pieces.jpgtraits between my husband and me, I couldn’t imagine a better fit for my irratic behavior. He keeps me reighned in while I make him get outside of his box. We are a puzzle that fits together perfectly. Not all the time does it look like it as we try to live together as one. Sometimes his traits drive me up the wall but how I handle those is going to show how much I take this Proverbs 31 journey to heart. Do I tell people how my husband’s rigorous scheduling annoys me or do I tell people how he helps me be more successful in what I do with keeping me grounded? How we behave or what we tell others about our husbands is what he is going to be known at the gates for. Are we viewing their quarks as something great or showing them to others as downfalls?

This week I want us to focus on looking at our husband and seeing how the different quarks they have actually fit you perfectly. Focus on seeing the good in all they do and tell others about how great your husband is. Be proud of the gift you have been given and show it. If you feel comfortable, I want to hear about it so post it on our page.


One thought on “Week Sixteen

  1. God knows and creates the perfect mates for us, doesn’t He? D is the right to my left, the up to my down…you get the idea. We are different in so many ways, but yet perfect together.
    This really jumped out at me in this chapter:
    “Now I want to ask you whether you see your husband’s service ‘out there’ as your gift to the people he serves. After all, you are the one who fills him up and sends him off to be a blessing to others. He is your contribution to society,to the company he works for, to the people in his office, to his customers, to his students, to his flock—whatever the case may be.”
    Wow! This made me want to be better!


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