Week Fifteen

She makes herself coverings of tapestry; her clothing is silk and purple.


This week I am reminded of the movie ‘Brave’ by Disney. Of course, my daughter loved it and went around pretending to shoot things with her bow and arrow saying ‘I’ll be shooting for my own hand!’ In this movie Merida’s mother, the queen, is meticulously weaving a ‘tapestry’ to decorate her home. The tapestry was a picture of her pride and joy, her family. Just like our Proverbs 31 woman, her mother worked tirelessly each and everyday to create a beautiful and welcoming environment for her family and the workers in the house. This queen managed the affairs of the house to make it run smoothly for her husband and her children down to the tapestry. It doesn’t seem like an important thing, the tapestry. Just like our family, our house is a gift from God for us to enjoy. It is a place for our family to relax and feel good in.

We are in the last half of our book and so it is time for us to start putting some of the things we are learning into practice. This week take time to stop and look around. Find one thing that you could improve about your own home. It could be as simple as cleaning the windows, rearranging furniture, or giving the baseboards a good scrub. Or you can get as bold as to redecorate a room. Redecorating would be my favorite thing to do!

The goal for this week is to do as Elizabeth George suggests in our book. Look at your home through your family’s or guest’s eyes. What do you feel when you first walk into your house?


One thought on “Week Fifteen

  1. This chapter really convicted me. I struggle during the school year to balance work, our family’s extremely busy after school schedule, and home. Summer is my “catch-up” time. I can work to try to get areas of the house back in order that have been neglected during the school year. I make meals and double them so I can freeze them for busier times ahead. My goal for the new school year will be to continue to devote time to the home God has so graciously blessed us with. Noah will be a senior this year, oy…that is heart wrenching. I want to be sure he sees through me how to successfully manage a home and family. Pray for me! I’ll pray for you! I look forward to seeing some pictures and hope to share some with you as well. Love you all!


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